NicoBloc for Reducing Tar & Nicotine

Stop Smoking with help from NicoBloc.

NicoBloc reduces tar and nicotine in filter cigarettes

The patented NicoBloc fluid is made from safe food grade ingredients. The more NicoBloc is used the more tar and nicotine is blocked.

Lab tests at different times has shown the following average nicotine reduction results: 2013 (ISO control cigarette - 1 drop 28%, 2 drops 76% and 3 drops 89%), 2009 (Marlboro - 1 drop 44%, 2 drops 73% and 3 drops 81%) and as far back as 1993 (Marlboro 3 drops 98% and Winston 3 drops 97%) - individuals' smoking patterns and other cigarette brands may yield different results.

Typically the product is used over a six-week period to prepare you to quit smoking by gradually getting you used to lower levels of nicotine rather than changing your smoking behaviour abruptly. The Wean Machine app allows you to set weekly cigarette reduction targets.

As well as nicotine, NicoBloc also progressively blocks the inhalation of harmful tar, which is a known cause of lung diseases.

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What is NicoBloc

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