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Presentation of NicoBloc in China NicoBloc presents at the EU Successful Quitter now
runs London Marathons
NicoBloc Watch
Smoke less, Live longer

Fiona Castle, founder of
Roy Castle Lung Foundation
demonstrates NicoBloc
2000th smoker to give up on Rosen Programme - Fortnum & Mason Jar of Tar showing amount
of tar from 20 cigarettes
a day in one year
Deco plays charity football
match in NicoBloc shirt

NicoBloc China sales team
visit London
NicoBloc launch in Myanmar Tobacco tar trapped in
the cigarette filter
The NicoBloc Man - China launch

NicoBloc display in
Japanese drug store
Irish Army give up smoking
on the Rosen Programme
The NicoBloc Car NicoBloc on BBC morning TV

Rosen Programme quitters
at CIGNA, Ireland
Testing NicoBloc on smoking machine Fiona Castle and Dr Alerx Milne
discuss NicoBloc on the radio
NicoBloc banner in pharmacy

NicoBloc Store
in Virtual World
Arabic advertisement for NicoBloc NicoBloc competition winner, China NicoBloc Poster, Thailand

NicoBloc Challenge (QSP)
at top of World
NicoBloc Poster
Addictiveness of drugs
Vogue Magazine article Environmental Impact of Smoking
(Photo by Alan Haymes, NicoBloc)

Applying NicoBloc NicoBloc Pack animation Essential handbag item NicoBloc application instructions

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